Sunday, September 18, 2011

nervous sunday!

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This morning as ya'll are reading this, Mike and I are already at the start of our first race of the season! I'm super excited and I think more nervous than he is! He is doing the half marathon today, I'm doing the lame-o-blame-o 5k, and I'm the nervous one, go figure.

Race piles ready to go! Only things that are missing are our liquids. Mike gets two little ones to go in the belt and I'm bringing my water just to hydrate before and after the run. The belt is brand new, he has only done one short run in it, but he loved it and is super excited. Inside the pouch on the belt he has some Jelly Belly Sports Beans, which are his favorite fueling method. He tried some GUs and didn't like the consistency so the jelly beans work for him.

Wish us luck today!

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