Tuesday, September 6, 2011

polyvore addiction

I have a polyvore addiction. I know summer is waning but it is still really warm here, and the humidity is kicking my tush. I love This look. Super feminine top with slightly less feminine capris finished off with sandals, sunglasses and dangly earrings.  Super cute!

I only wish I could pull this outfit off. I'm a bit too hip/butt heavy to pull off skinny style pants, and my waist is actually quite small in comparison to my boobs/butt so shirts like this really just make me look like a big rectangular house. Since that isn't the look I generally aim for, I pass on these shirts and admire from afar...


Chiffon tank, $60
Distressed jeans, £95
Giuseppe Zanotti studded sandals, $650
Earrings, $10
Dorothy Perkins sunglasses, £7

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