Thursday, September 15, 2011

finding my strong.

I've picked up a couple issues of Runners World lately and I'm totally loving it. I had never read the magazine before, probably because I never ever would have considered myself a "runner" before, but some of the articles are majorly inspiring. My cousin and I were talking about it the other day (she too is a relatively new runner) and we agreed that it is the Cosmo of the running world. Nothing ground breaking really, but always good articles and decent tips, and if nothing else, it is entertaining.

One of my favorite parts of the magazine has been the ads. In magazines like Cosmo I normally glaze over the ads and move onto the next "10 greatest things he has never asked you to do in bed but secretly desires" article. Which by the way usually makes me laugh out loud for at least half of them - I mean really does he want me to nibble on his elbow skin...I think not! But anyway, I find the ads in Runners World to be inspiring. I've posted an image from Saucony's "find your strong" campaign on my blog before, but at the time I had no idea where it was from. While reading the magazine I was surprised to find that it was actually a full page ad for Saucony.

So fast forward to Tuesday. Page from Twenty-Six and Then Some posted a link to her Tumblr. She said it is just visual things that she has liked on the interwebs and posts there. I checked it out and there was the video spot for the "find your strong" campaign. I'm completely in love with it. I am inspired. I want to go lift weights and ignore the fact that my tush is STILL sore from Monday's leg press debacle. 
I wanted to share it with ya'll, I love it. 

Where do you find your strong??

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