Monday, July 9, 2012

weekend recap

Friday afternoon was spent swooning over my nephew. There is a definite benefit to living less than 3 miles from your baby sister. I love that we can run to each others' houses in any kind of pinch that may come up or when I just feel a burning desire to snuggle 2 week old perfection.
Saturday I woke up early and made Mike a nice hearty breakfast before he was going to go fly. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with him so there was no flying, but it did give us a bit more time to spend together, so I won't complain! I made us German Pancakes (recipe tomorrow!) with fresh whipped cream and fruit. Yum! Then we went and hung out by his parent's pool for a while before the rain came.
Sunday was definitely a crazy lazy day. Some Super Mario Brothers a couple movies and a delicious grilled dinner topped of a great Sunday with  my love. He did get to do some flying in preparation for a really big day tomorrow and Wednesday. More on that later!


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