Wednesday, July 25, 2012

ohp - dedication

I'm dedicating my OHP this week to my cousin Derek. He's 21 and was diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks ago. He has already undergone surgery to remove the tumor and he started chemotherapy on Monday. Today is day 3. From everything the doctors have said and everything that I've read on the subject, day 3 is the hardest.

No one deserves cancer. No parent should ever have to watch their kid go through chemo. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy, let alone a cousin that I have grown up very close with. My family is huge, but we are very close. This is only the second instance of cancer at all in my family, so we are a little bit dumbfounded on how to handle it. Any suggestions, advice, or even a shared story would be lovely. I'm trying to do everything I can to help Derek and my Aunt Tink (his mom). We've figured out ways to bring dinner to them and to take care of any responsibilities she has with the house or her other 3 kids.
I'm sure he'd greatly appreciate any good vibes or prayers you'd like to send his way too.

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After his first day of chemo, he was doing pretty well. Unfortunately there was a woman in the room who wasn't doing as well as he was. She was very sick and looked run down. That kind of freaked him out a lot. He kept strong and powered through the rest of the day. On the way home, he broke the silence in the car ride with his mom and girlfriend just to ask, "it's going to get worse, isn't it?" He knows he has a long road ahead of him, but I think he's ready to conquer it.

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What they said. Another one of my Aunts had support bracelets made for Derek. They say "Team Derek" on one side and "We Are Family" on the other. I can't wait to get one and sport it everywhere I go.

The livestrong foundation has a ton of support for people going through his situation. The sheer amount of information they supply is incredible, but they also offer a ton of support in terms of financial needs for people who are facing infertility because of cancer or chemo.

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This one may not apply directly to Derek, but it's a fabulous reminder.

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