Thursday, July 12, 2012

two time princess?

Registration opened for the Disney Princess Half 2013 this week and that brings me to my poll question of the day...Run or not to run? I'm debating between doing the princess half again or doing a different race all together. Or even going into a new sport. I've been trying my hand at Triathlon training since the half and it's going well although I'm still not in love with the bike. What's your opinion??

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

I certainly do want adventure.


Amy G. said...

I've run the Disney Princess race twice and plan to do it again in 2013! It is an expensive race, but I feel like the experience is TOTALLY worth it :) You can always do a triathlon too!

Cara said...

I'm thinking about doing the Wine and Dine run in November. Triathlons are a great break from distance running. I've restarted triathlon training after marathon running for a few years and I love the break (my legs do too!)