Friday, July 20, 2012

summer nights

Ok, quick poll, how many of us are going to see the new Batman movie today/tonight?? I'm heading there this afternoon with Mike. It is part 1 of his birthday weekend extravaganza! I have a few more surprises in store for him, but there are a few things we have planned. We're doing a movie this afternoon, lunch tomorrow and then beach day all day Sunday!

This outfit isn't really on theme for this week, but I saw this dress and just fell in love with it.

summer nights


Chapstick Fanatic said...

love the dress!

emily fitzgerald said...

dear dress, please get into my closet now. love emily.

once in a blue room

Selma @ Crazy Little World Of Mine said...

Loving the dress!!! It's great for daytime too...awwww, now I really want that one.

Andrea {blonde ambitions} said...

I am loving that dress! Beautiful outfit!

Clare C. Whitaker said...

What a beautiful dress! I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Twirling Clare

Nicole Rene said...

I love that dress! Looks so comfy and cute!