Thursday, July 19, 2012

kick some tush

I've been working hard on getting back into the gym. There were a few weeks there that I was a little bit of a slacker and was busy doing other things (like smushing my favorite new nephew!) but I'm back and kicking some major butt.
My plan was to jump right into it. No easy light workouts to get my body acclimated, I was going hard core (there may have even been glitter on the floor). The best way to do that for me was to go to The Fitnessista's site and pick out her newest long workout and do it. If you aren't familiar with Gina or her workouts, stop reading my blog and go directly to hers. She kicks my ass. Every. Single. Time.

I decided on the July Schweaty workout and let me tell you, I drenched my clothes. It was definitely a great workout and the best way to throw myself back into it.

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