Friday, July 6, 2012

stars and sparkles

I think I could totally get used to weeks with holidays right in the middle of them. I like how it makes the rest of the work week seem almost non-existent! I will be continuing to celebrate this holiday tonight and probably again tomorrow night by trying to soak in as many fireworks as I possibly can!

Back to real life next week, but for now I'm going to continue to bask in this week that was all about fun, laughs and good times!

stars and sparkles

Stripe dress
$82 -

Zara shoes



Nars cosmetic


Amy Powell said...

oh that dress is just stunning. love it :)
happy Friday!!

Lindsay said...

I am absolutely loving those earrings! So cute! Enjoy the weekend!

Allie said...

I love that dress! Perfect cut and perfect stripes! I totally agree, the second half of the work week seemed non-existent :) Have a great weekend! xx, Allie

{kayleigh nikolai} said...

I am totally in love with this entire look! Well done!!

Samantha Tananbaum said...

Great dress, and those shoes are adorable! Happy weekend!

Le Petite Pear

Nicole Rene said...

Cute outfit! I love those earrings!!! :)


I LOVE this outfit!! Stacie xo