Monday, July 16, 2012

more love

I am feeling the love this morning. We had a crazy fun weekend with my family, I'm not sure it could have been better.

Saturday morning I went out to see my sister (she lives about 45 minutes away from me). We met up at a bathing suit factory that was having a clearance sale. They do a "grab bag" where you can stuff as much as you can into a paper bag for $20. It was a little ridiculous. Some people were just insane. We definitely got our moneys worth. Jenn got herself a few suits in different sizes (she's down 85 pounds in the last year!) and I got one for me. But we didn't stop there, we got a couple for my sister Jess and one for my mom. Then we got a couple pairs of swim shorts and a t shirt. Then finally we picked out a lap swim suit for my aunt. I think we walked away with 18 or 19 items. For $20! Insane.

Our loot
 After hanging with Jenn for the rest of the day and doing some super secret birthday shopping for Mike, I went to my cousin Precious' new house and had a bbq with a bunch of the family. Their new house is HUGE and gorgeous. It is very open and has a great layout. I'm a big fan! They installed a fire pit and a basketball hoop and we made lots of s'mores and I lost against her 8 year old son in basketball!

Sunday morning we got news that my cousin Dylan's girlfriend, Gigi, who was scheduled for a c-section on August 1 was having contractions and they were heading to the hospital to see if it was real labor or just braxton hicks. She has 2 other kids and had never been in labor, so this was a whole new experience for her. They tried to stop the contractions with fluids, but it didn't work so the c-section got moved up to yesterday. We welcomed another new baby to my gigantic amazing family.
Meet Jake Alexander:

My amazing cousin Dylan letting his mom hold Jake for the first time

She looked amazing!


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What beautiful pictures and that baby is to darn precious!

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