Wednesday, September 12, 2012

so pinteresting

Wednesday means it's time for oh, how pinteresting. Pinterest has become a source of distraction for me over the past few weeks. I've been oogling all sorts of delicious fall foods and decor ideas. Sometimes it's nice to just put on music and browse through some gorgeousness.

I'm not really a fan of cream cheese frosting. I'm certain I'm in the minority there! It makes it hard to find delicious fall baked goods at bakeries and such. I suppose it's a good thing I adore being in the kitchen. This recipe for salted caramel buttercream sounds DIVINE on top of a pumpkin cupcake.

Awesome. There is a reason that I love all things Disney. They not only give a girl license to dream, but they encourage it above all else. Nothing is impossible.

Something about there is gorgeous. I love that towel and it really makes the perfect wrapping for a wine bottle.

I think it's time to make a new fall wreath.

I'm loving this shower idea. Perfect theme for an April baby.

Sometimes true....sometimes not.

I'm not sure having a margarita is indicative of giving up. Margaritas are a happy drink for me. The only problem with them is the calories.

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

I'm pretty excited to make these this weekend. Definitely a perfect fall treat.

Thanks for stopping by for my super random Oh, How Pinteresting post this week, can't wait to see your awesome pins!


Emily Shae said...

Love your pins! -Visiting from the blog hop!


Sarah Grace said...

i love that rainy-day party...too cute!

happy wednesday!! :)

xoxo, sarah grace

Lindsay [Elle Elizabeth] said...

Those pumpkin muffins look and sound delicious with the frosting you mentioned. And I love the quote about the margaritas, but I do agree, I wouldn't consider them as giving up! Happy Wednesday :)