Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Half way there people! Wahoo! Is that too much? Too much excitement for a Wednesday? Nah. No such thing. I'm going to triva tonight, we came in second place last week and we are determined to win this week!! So until then, I'm oogling some awesome pinterest goodies.

We joke about this all the time! I hate pants. I would be pantsless all the time if it were up to me.

Oh, I need a run. So badly. I need to run the craziness out of my head. I've had some stuff going on lately and running has been my favorite outlet for it. Definitely a run on my calendar for today!!

That. Bag. Oh. My. Gosh.

These card holders are amazing. So simple and fun.

This table is so seriously gorgeous. I'm in love with how it's so soft and simple. Rustic and gorgeous. I'm a huge fan.

I'm really trying hard to avoid the Christmas pins so early, but this cake needed to be addressed. I'm in love and I cannot wait to eat it!


Millie said...

That bag is absolutely amazing. I do really want!

Ann said...

These pins are great!!! Those card holders are very cool!

Tyler said...

That bag. Is AMAZING.