Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ohp - nursery edition

It's almost birthday time around here, which means I've been racking my brain for birthday gift ideas for my sisters. I got Jenn some stuff the other day that I'm pretty happy with, but since Jess is pregnant I was having a hard time with her. She is so close to the end of the pregnancy, so maternity clothes won't work, but I don't really want to get her something she can't use until after the baby gets here.
So I came up with a genius idea, I'll give her a "voucher" to do the nursery for her. I know she already has all the stuff picked out and purchased and at just about 7 months pregnant, she barely likes to walk to the kitchen, let alone clean and paint all day. The hysterical thing about this, and the reason I can share it with you today is the same day I decided on the gift, she called to tell me she took this weekend off of work and wanted to know if I wanted to come over and help with the nursery. Darn it! I went ahead and sent her the voucher that I had made up and we decided that she would help with the cleaning out and actual decorating, but for her birthday I would paint the nursery and hang up a chair rail.

So I'm sharing some nurseries that make me swoon, and on Monday I'll share the results to Twiglette's future bedroom.

Chair rail awesomeness. Who doesn't want magnets/corkboard/chalkboards on their walls??

I'm going to spend all of my energy trying to convince Jess that those letters are necessary.

We're doing a chair rail in Twiglette's room, I think blue on top tan on the bottom. This is for inspiration.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

I love the changing pad cover. Silly thing to love, but I do. And really every single thing about this nursery is gorgeous. But definitely more for my future baby boy (that is not in utero yet)

First of all, great picture - that lens must be crazy wide. Secondly, I love the beachy color choices mixed with the yellow and black/white. Great combo.

Source: via Angi on Pinterest

What's not to love about this, the green dresser is gorgeous and hello - polka dot curtains?? yes please!

I'm linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple as always on Wednesdays. Now I'm off to find what ya'll are finding pinteresting this week!

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ashlyn williams said...

these baby rooms are so cute! love the 1st one!

happy wednesday