Thursday, March 29, 2012

birthday celebrations

We have lots of birthdays clumped together in the spring and then even more in the fall. This week was the start of our spring-time group. We celebrated Mike's sister's birthday on Sunday and then his mom's on Tuesday.
Tina, Mike's mom, turned 60 on Tuesday! She picked to order in Chinese food and the whole group of us met there to enjoy it and celebrate with her. You can't reach a milestone like a 60th birthday and not celebrate like crazy, so I made her favorite cake, Boston Cream Pie for us to enjoy.

The sponge cake was not a success at all. In fact, it was kind of chewy and there was way too much nutmeg. Oops. I shouldn't have tried out a new recipe on her birthday. I mean it tasted great once you add pastry cream and chocolate ganache, but I think everything tastes great when you add pastry cream and chocolate ganache.

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