Monday, March 5, 2012

florida recap - part 2

The plan for Saturday was to get up and move but not do anything too crazy or tiring. We decided to head to Downtown Disney and do a little bit of shopping then a little bit of eating.
Our first stop was Goofy's Candy Company. This was basically a no brainer since we had two pregnant ladies in tow. Jess found her new favorite food there, a rice crispy treat covered in chocolate and dipped in reese's pieces. Molly got some gummy goofies and mom got a giant bag filled with chocolate covered peanuts and raisins. A breakfast of champions if you ask me!
Overwhelmed by choices
Waiting outside the candy store.
After walking around for a while we went in every shop available. In the World of Disney there are TONS of awesome ear options. Of course being the goofball that I am, I had to try them all on...
Pretty sparkly ears. These were awesome but HEAVY
Tiny hats on strings. Also awesome, but the string tried to strangle me.
Super duper scary Tinkerbell ears with extra eyeballs
Finally a Grumpy hat. This one is just so me, don't ya think?
 We shopped and shopped and then grabbed lunch. We went to Fresh-A-Peel so we could each get something we wanted. I wanted to keep it healthy and stick with salads and Jess wanted chicken fingers so this worked out well for all of us. After lunch we left Downtown Disney and went back to the condo for a bit. Molly and I threw on our bathing suits and laid by the pool catching up. We don't get to see each other nearly enough so it was awesome to have a bit of downtime to just chat.
I made dinner in the condo Saturday night. I wanted to make something that I've eaten before a long run before, so I made grilled chicken, wild rice, corn, and tomato and mozzarella salad. It was delicious and the perfect way to spend the day leading up to the race.
Then it was time to get our race gear together and head to bed. I think I hit the sheets around 8:30, trying to get in a couple hours of sleep before the 2am wake up call!
Race pile on the bed!

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