Thursday, March 1, 2012

florida recap part 1

I'm home and honestly I'm not all that happy about it! We left Florida where it was 85 degrees and bright and sunny to come home to snow on the ground and below freezing temperatures. It sucks a little bit. Instead of focusing on the snowy chilliness, I'm going to relive my trip by telling you all about it!
Mike and I, bright and early - getting ready to take off!

Right after landing in Orlando!

Our flight left at 7am on Thursday morning which meant a 5am wake up call. I am definitely not a morning person, but I powered through. My adrenaline was definitely pumping. It was perfectly warm and very sunny which was an amazing welcome to the sunshine state!

Our fabulous rental car. It was a Camry and had TONS of space!
We started by renting a car and heading straight to get some lunch. We went to BJ's Brewhouse for lunch and I think the restaurant opened at 11 and we pulled in at 10 after. Next stop was mom's condo. It was my first time there so we hung out and unpacked a little bit before heading to get some groceries and stock the kitchen.
Everyone messes up our "J" names!

This Starbucks is my mom's favorite place ever. She would spend all day here if we let her.

Quick trips to Publix and Target were in order. We had dinner at the condo and just hung out, it was an early night because of the early wake up call. Plus, Friday morning we had to get up early too, it was expo day!
Expo day was tons of fun. We got up and ready and hit the expo first thing Friday morning. We got there by 8:30 and hopped on line waiting for it to open at 9am. There was a bit of a line, but nothing too crazy and the horsemen from Cinderella were there to pose with for pictures. I was really happy with how well it was organized.

I cried. Right then. I was just so overwhelmed with emotion. It was awesome.
Our chariot awaits!
The runners!
 I had one person in front of me on the line to get my bib, but they were quick and it was easy. Then heading to the Josten's center for the expo was fun. There was a red carpet for the princesses to follow. I walked in, got glittered and headed down to get some swag. I picked up an I did it shirt and the car magnet. I was disappointed not to find the tiara 13.1 magnet that I had seen from previous years, but it's ok I like the Mickey one too. 

With my bib after being glittered by a fairy godmother!
Trying on my new shirt over my dress!
Then we went to pick up our shirts and check out all the other goodies on the expo floor. I didn't buy anything else but I did get a few free luna bar samples. The lemon zest one was disgusting, but the s'mores one was delicious. I checked out all the booths and nearly bought a couple things, but decided to hold back. I knew I had a couple Disney days ahead of me so I saved the cash. 
After the expo it was HOT! I think it got up to like 87 degrees. Mom, Jess and I made the decision to make it a pool day. Us girls put on our bathing suits and the boys put on gym gear and we all went outside. Mike did a short run while Dan did some walking and calisthenics. The girls hung by the pool, soaking up sun and loving the heat. 

Look at that baby bump!! 
Sitting by a pool looking at a lake. Gorgeous!
Molly came for the weekend on Friday night. We went out to dinner, had lots of laughs and hung out for the rest of the night. 
Saturday and Sunday recap will be up tomorrow!

My mom and Molly at dinner. Awesome.
Jess and Dan at dinner. Our waiter got major bonus points because he treated our pregnant ladies very well! His wife
is pregnant too so he knew who to cater to!
Cheesy excited grins! Super excited for this trip!!

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