Wednesday, March 21, 2012

happy wednesday!

I'm pretty thrilled that Wednesday is already here! Tomorrow is the Hunger Games, today is going to be pinteresting, PLUS now we are halfway to the weekend? Wahoo!

The pins I'm sharing with you don't match each other at all, but I had to share them. My super organized brain is yelling at me, but how do you not share those popsicles AND that wedding cake AND the baby quilt? And, when I do share them, how do I pretend it's a cohesive theme.
My way today? Oh they're all pins. hehe! On to the pins now!

Every day I love ALL of you. Thanks for reading this tiny blog of mine!

I love these. I'd probably change the shape (or just the envelope shape to make it cheaper to mail. But I love every bit of the design.

I love the idea of confetti, but I'm pretty sure most ceremony locations (like churches) make you clean up whatever mess people through (like rice)...So I probably won't be doing this. But I'll be daydreaming about it!

It's going to be 80 degrees here in NY tomorrow. I think I might need one of these.

I love the soft colors in these.

Source: via Deborah on Pinterest
How do you not love this cake? It is just so simple and pretty. Plus the flower work is impeccable.

Twiglette needs this.

Love those fabrics for a baby boy. I like the dark grey and mustard yellow. I'm swooning over here, and my uterus is aching a tiny bit.

Cutest thing ever.


Amy G. said...

Love your pins! All of them :) Mine are pretty all over the place today too so no worries. Sometimes we just love too many things!!

Laura [Beauty & the Beard] said...

oh my gosh i LOVE those save the dates!