Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Good morning friends!! Today is my day to finish packing and get my butt in gear because I leave TOMORROW for Florida and my first half marathon!!!! AHHH! That's how how I feel. Like I might spontaneously com-bust at any given moment. I'm beyond nervous and so excited I might pee my pants. I've trained. I'm ready. And I'm breathing into a paper bag.
Today's pins for Oh! How Pinteresting Wednesday are all themed for my runDisney weekend. AHHH!!!


Source: via Natalie on Pinterest

This is crazy gorgeous. I haven't been in that castle in 10 years and I cannot wait to run through it. Just thinking about it gets me a little teary.

All of these make me want to get out there and run. Especially Nemo - Just keep swimming. Or running as it may be. No worries <3

I can and WILL do it. Sunday.

I dream it every single night. Finishing this is beyond anything I every imagined I'd be able to do, and I can't wait to have that medal around my neck.

I love sparkly running shoes. I will be glittering mine for the race. Spray sparkle EVERYWHERE.

Can't wait to stop for this photo op!!!

I feel this way already and I haven't even gotten there yet.

It will be better than any fairy tale ever told.

I have some posts set up for while I'm gone, but I'm bringing the computer so I'll be able to check in! Definitely Monday with a recap!

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