Thursday, February 9, 2012

new circles

I'm very new to Google + and really I'm still working on figuring it all out. My circles are tiny bit pathetic at the moment, but with Google moving away from Google friend connect and toward total Google + integration, I thought I should probably hop on that bandwagon sooner than later.

I've been working on giving the blog a bit of a cleaner look. I seem to make constant small tweaks to get it to be a little bit closer to the look I'm going for. First I changed the basic font, then the background color away from cream to grey. Then I moved from the fuchsia color I had been working with to more of a plum. I'm a fan of it right now, but who knows where we'll go. I'd like to figure out a way to integrate green into the design somewhere but haven't been able to figure out where the right place to put it is. Plus when I work with illustrator, every time I pick a green I like, it somehow auto-corrects it to a more minty shade that I hate. I guess that's the problem with not being a real designer and goofing around in illustrator. I've really loved learning what it's capable of and making pretty graphics, but obviously I'm far from proficient!

So back to Google+. Recently I updated my buttons on the sidebar and yesterday I added the Google+ button in an attempt to not be the last person to join. So, if you are a follower and you'd like to continue to be one once GFC (Google Friend Connect) finally bites the dust, I think all you have to do is click my button and add me to your circles. There are different types of circles, so far the bloggers I follow have all been added to my "following" circle. But I have NO idea if that is the right place to be!

Are you on Google+? Wanna be friends?

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Amy Powell said...

i'm not really looking forward to the google+ integration. I have a profile, but I don't know what to do with it!!