Thursday, February 2, 2012


As I mentioned yesterday, today was my sister's 20 week ultrasound appointment. Jess, Dan, Mom and I gathered together in the little room and watched the amazing ultrasound tech point out every little bit of twiglette. We saw the baby's heart and fingers and toes and up his nose! All of that was really fantastic. It was amazing to see all the little pieces in there.

But we all knew why we were there...
To get lots of great pictures of the baby.

 To oogle of mom and baby....

 And of course to find out whether to go out and buy all pink or blue!!!

Side view. This one is upside down because he is breach. 

Seriously adorable baby. 

The "goods." It is most certainly a boy!

Obviously after the appointment we had to go to BRU to check out some goodies to buy for the little man!

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