Thursday, February 23, 2012

and away we go!

Today's the day! We're leaving for Florida. Actually as you read this, more than likely we'll be flying high above the east coast. Our flight leaves at 7am this morning, so we'll be on the ground bright and early! I think our plan for today is to head to the condo, go to this "amazing pizza place" across the street from mom's house and then head to the grocery store. Jess has been demanding that we go there the minute we land since she decided to come down with us. She's pregnant so I'm not sure how much I believe all of her raves about the place, but according to her it is the best pizza in the world and nothing will ever top it. The best part about the pizza place is that it isn't even really a pizza place, it's a brew house. At least there will be beer.
I'm being a little bit of a freak about eating for the next couple days. I'll go for the pizza, but I'll skip the beer today but I want to make sure I eat good normal foods between now and Sunday. I'm going straight to the grocery store to get some dinner choices that I can make in the condo. I'm trying to eat as normal as possible and keep it pretty darn healthy. After the race, I'll indulge plenty. Heck, after 13.1 miles I'll have an extra 2000 calories I can burn through that day. It is a vacation after all.
I'll be back later with pictures from the day!

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