Thursday, December 29, 2011

a wonderful christmas time...

This has been an incredible Christmas season. I am super lucky to be surrounded by such an awesome family. Here's my Christmas recap in pictures

Santa came! Looks like we were very good this year

Dan, full of Christmas cheer. I think the mug of beer helps too!

My wonderfully pregnant sister and her husband opening presents

Michael and I opening presents

All of her girls in one room, a cinnamon bun and coffee? Life is definitely good!

Jenni doing a self take during present opening

Over 40 people at our Christmas dinner, it was glorious.

Organized chaos of family...all trying to out talk each other.

My cousins Amanda, Precious and Brittney

My brother in law, Tom and cousin Benson. Ben was hours away from turning 21 here!! Happy Birthday Ben!!

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Kristina said...

Your mom is just to cute for words in that picture!!!!