Thursday, December 15, 2011

family time.

I spend a lot of time with my family. There are a lot of us and spending time with them makes me happier than most things. Today I'm heading with my aunt to pick my cousin Danielle up from college.
Our Christmas tree hunting tradition is one of my favorite traditions. We go to a massive tree farm and search for the perfect blue spruce tree and then cut them ourselves. Then we tailgate. Different foods, Christmas cookies, and of course hot cocoa and spiked eggnog. This year was no exception. The weather this year was incredibly warm though. While this was fantastic for the tailgating and hanging out part, I definitely prefer the years when it has snowed. Nothing screams Christmas tree hunting more than a snowy chilly day.
my pregnant baby sister and my Aunt Cindy, her God Mother

matchy-matchy in our festive hoodies

Santa and the Mrs. rode in on a tractor. Totally awesome

This is my favorite 3 year old ever. He was sleepy and wanted to snuggle.

Preggo and her pup, Addie. 

Our tree. You can't tell here but it was SO crooked on the bottom from growing on a hill!

Another family tree. We started this tradition with them over 22 years ago!

Momma and Dan. I love this picture!

Twiglette's first tree! It is SO blue, gorgeous.

Gordon and Dan...Two of a kind. Love them!

First time seeing everyone since the big announcement means she had to
show of the belly!

Some festive eggnog! (I love my aunt's hair here - she's the blonde one)

Silly children. I love it.

Nothing beats a big cup of cocoa.

Britt and John snuggle time!

Us Merrymans look pretty darn good in red!

Of course we have to take a family picture with Santa!!

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Jenna Lee said...

I love this family like my own! Your a great photographer! I may need those skills for our house soon!