Thursday, December 8, 2011

lucky ducky!!

After I won the SUAR giveaway I entered and then won another one!!! This time it was from Amy at Pumpkin to Princess. She gave away a GU sampler pack. I was just as excited about this as I was about the shirt.
After hearing all of the fueling options out there I was more than a little over whelmed. I started tasting a few things and using them for my longer runs/workouts, but I still hadn't found anything I loved. I tried nuun tablets and I really liked their tri-berry flavor, but not the lemon-lime one so much. I felt like they helped me during workouts, but since they are low calorie, they weren't a good fueling solution. I was thrilled to get this big pack of GU products to try! These are the goodies I got:

I am so excited to try each and every one of these things out. I'll post about how much I love them as I try 'em!!

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