Monday, July 4, 2011

independence day

Happy Independence Day! We have a family tradition of spending the fourth up at Lake Taconic. We barbecue and lounge in the sun and spend the whole day relaxing. I love the tradition. Last year at the lake was the first time Mike met my whole family. We had a great day just enjoying each other's company and playing in the water and sand.

 Especially on days like today when people are spending all day in the sun celebrating with friends and family, I think it is super important to bring up the topic of sunscreen. I'm a sunscreen-aholic. The other day I found the girls over at Sun Savvy and I want to share their blog with you. I'm definitely an advocate for sunscreen and big floppy hats. So remember today while you're out there enjoying the warmth of the sun, to throw on a couple layers of sun block (every couple hours!!) and avoid the burn!

Top left to bottom right:

  • I love Banana Boat sport spray for when I'm running outside. I use crazy high spf because I could be out for an hour and I try to avoid a tan of any kind to avoid crazy lines from running tanks.
  • Hawaiian Tropic shimmer sunscreen is a new favorite. It has a very subtle shimmer that just makes me feel girlie and pretty. Perfect for dates to the beach or outdoor shopping excursions with the girls.
  • Aveeno sunscreen is some of my favorite. The price can get a little bit crazy, but it works like a dream. I splurge on the face sunblock because I have crazy sensitive skin and I get breakouts at the drop of a hat.
  • Not sunscreen, but perfect for when you want to fake it a little bit. I love the Sephora sundisk. I am addicted. I use it almost all year round for a subtle glow.
  • Supergoop! I recently fell in love with this every day lotion! With a pump like this it is perfect for using daily. It is meant to be a daily lotion with the addition of spf 30! Amazing!
  • Lastly for when all your efforts are for naught, my favorite is Hawaiian Tropic cool aloe and I.C.E. It is aloe gel with lidocaine. It combines healing and soothing with the cool help of lidocaine. Perfect for when your skin is burning off you!

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