Wednesday, July 27, 2011

fancy feet

Do you love shoes as much as I do? I think they can be the perfect exclamation point on an adorable outfit. I really love fun heels with a simple clothes.
from zappos 
zappos again

<3 sparkles. zappos.
Pink and glittery. zappos.

Love them all! Not sure where I think I'm going, but I can lust over them!


5 Miles 2 Empty said...

YES! O LOVE SHOES! But I never wear the oh so cute heels because I am too self-conscious. True confession here, I hate being so tall. I'm 5'10 and heels just make me feel like a giant. I hate it because I think they are so adorable but I jus can't handle being sometimes ONE WHHOLE FOOT TALLER than everyone else. =/ I have a dress that those pink shoes would match PERFECTLY!

Julie said...

I'm impressed you have a bright pink dress like that! I'm really short, only 5'2 so I wear heels a lot. Although, sometimes I still feel like an ogre when I wear them. I think that has more to do with my weight issues than my height.

5 Miles 2 Empty said...

Another true confession: I've never worn the's a cocktail dress and so dang cute! I need the hubs to take me out! =)
I'm sure you look dang cute and spunky in heels! And I always think women look great in heels, i'm just too hard on myself. Blech.

birdie to be said...

These are lovely! I am loving the sparkles