Friday, July 29, 2011

ladies night

When my sister started dating the man who is now her husband, he had a strict Friday night as "guy's night" policy. At first, this seemed almost odd, but as time went by, it ended up being the best thing for their relationship. It made sure that they still had time for other people and didn't get too wrapped up in each other to the point of excluding the other people that matter in their lives.
I run with friends, I hang with my sisters, but rarely do I get to have a real girls night. In an ideal world, it would happen way more often. I stumbled upon a gorgeous white with a small hint of pink engagement party on Bridal Musings. It is completely gorgeous. But what really caught my eye was the drink section! They had pink lemonade drinks! Both sparkling pink lemonade and pink lemonade vodka. I can only imagine that together they would be divine. But I'm intrigued by the flavored vodka.

swoon <3
So who is down for a ladies night?!

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