Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Before I get into this post, I have to share that my cousin Derek's pathology report has come back and he is officially cancer free!! Many thanks and hugs to all of you who had him and my family in their thoughts and prayers.

I apparently was a bad blogger yesterday! Oops. Mom came home from a cruise and we decided to spend the day catching up a little bit. We had breakfast then did a little bit of shopping. We spent a bit too much money on clothes and ate a bit too much frozen yogurt, but that's what makes a good day, right?

Saturday I spent my day out at my sister's house taking care of some chores as a gift for my brother-in-law's birthday. He has been teasing me about helping him spackle and paint his ceiling for months now, so for his birthday I did it. It was a tiny bit of a pain, but definitely worth it! He was so excited that it was done!

This is what you look like after you sand the spackle off a ceiling. Luckily I had a face mask and glasses (protective eye wear)! When I put on the face mask, I decided that I was Bane from Batman.

Then Sunday was spent with my amazing boyfriend. I'm really a lucky girl.

Yesterday, was girls day with my mom and sister and of course some time with my favorite baby boy. Branson has grown so much! When I don't see him for a couple days, I feel like he doubles in size. I love this little man. We also had the opportunity to Skype with Molly and her new addition, Adelaide. Branson LOVED her. He was talking and cooing at her. So adorable.

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