Tuesday, October 23, 2012

bake sale!

My sister Jenn is a pre-k teacher. Last Friday they held their annual breast cancer awareness fundraiser. The teachers (or in this case, the teacher's sister) all bring in a baked good and the proceeds all go to breast cancer research. Jenn had high hopes for what she wanted to bring in, and she isn't exactly a baker. I love her and she is a fabulous teacher, but there isn't really an artsy bone in her body!

We made pink(ish) chocolate chip cookies, pink rice crispy treats and oreo truffles dipped in pink white chocolate! They were all super delicious. The things we made brought in $100 themselves, I'd consider that a successful fundraiser. I think the total was around $400!

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures! I just snapped a couple quickly before packing them up!

sparkly pink oreo truffles!

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