Tuesday, October 16, 2012

more on dana.

We've gotten a little bit of an update on Dana's situation.

At the homecoming game this past weekend.

Her doctors don't want to do a second brain surgery until 12/27, so that will be the date of her surgery. Apparently the risk factors increase exponentially if the surgeries are close together. Since there are already such high risks involved, they are taking as many precautions as they can.

Unfortunately, since they are waiting another 2 months, her condition is going to get worse. The fluid that is putting pressure on her nerves is going to continue to increase which will lead to her losing her memory again, and more than likely she'll be in a lot of pain by surgery day. She is already getting headaches and she got her first nose bleed the other day. The nose bleeds are a sign that things are getting significantly worse. She has started repeating herself, she's losing her short term memory and her long term won't be far behind.

Dana met with her doctors and a therapist the other day. They had her in a support group with other people who have similar injuries and who will be having the same surgery as her. At this support group she learned the biggest risk of this surgery, outside of death, is that there is a 30% chance that she won't wake up. She'd be in a persistant vegetative state.

I can't even. The strength and bravery she has shown is beyond incredible. She's only 21! All of this happened because some a-hole decided that he should drive while high. A 30% chance that she'll live, but will never wake up?! What the heck? She has been advised by her doctors to make scrap books and take pictures with the people she loves so that after surgery she will be able to relearn everyone a little bit faster. She should start journaling and keeping track of her feelings for those around her. This is just a nightmare that the poor girl is stuck in.

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Clare C. Whitaker said...

She'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. All of you have shown incredibly strength and optimism in such trying times. Thank you for keeping us updated!
All my love,
Twirling Clare