Thursday, June 14, 2012

a small psa

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I cook every day and I try my hardest to work on new recipes and to try new things. I’d actually say I’m a really experienced cook. Sometimes the most experienced people make really stupid choices.
I made those macaroons last week, they were absolutely delicious. I told my sister Jenn that when she came to see me this week I would make some for her too. Well, I don’t have a food processor. When I made my macaroons I used my mini chopper and it was a pain in the tush. This time I tried using my immersion blender.

Well, the coconut kept getting packed in and I used my finger to get it out.


It turned on and got cut. After about a million attempts my sister and Mike had both left work to come to my house to help me. It was my very scary and when I tried to look at it, I nearly passed out and ended up with my head between my legs and my hand elevated above my head. Jenn got to the house, dealt with me being a bit of a wimp and whining and checked it out. She told me it looked like “hamburger meat” but a doctor or hospital would do no good. The cuts were too close together for stitches and I could get glued, but eh – mine as well let it heal.

So now I’ve been a bit useless for the past few days. My left hand sucks without a pointer. I’m finally getting better. I was able to look at it last night. It does look a bit like hamburger. It’s swollen and black and blue and yucky. This is what it looks like when you’re laid up unable to use one of your hands….


Cooper was great and kept my injured self company. I was stuck on the couch for the afternoon after my adrenaline wore off.
Lightroom Exports7

Top left: My terrible first aid kit. Definitely need to buy a new one. It has been used and abused and had nothing of use in it.
Top right: My bandaged hand
Bottom left: Dinner when you can’t cook. Grapes and cheddar (that was pre washed and pre cut)
Bottom right: Yesterday when I showered, duct taped precautions!

Ugh. So the moral of the story is that hand blenders are dangerous and even the most experienced cooks can screw up and end up injured Sad smile

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Meggan said...

Oh no I'm sorry you hurt yourself! That has happened to me before in the kitchen and it is painful!