Tuesday, June 5, 2012

coconut raspberry macaroons

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Let’s talk Pinterest for a minute. I’m addicted. You are too right? I’m not sure I know anyone online or in “real” life that doesn’t have an account. My cousin’s husband even has an account where he pins all of his favorite vacation ideas and home renovation ideas. The first time I got an email that said G has repinned your pin, I actually laughed out loud. Then after a full day helping my sister and brother-in-law help redo part of their roof, I saw a big article on Pinterest in a wedding planning magazine. It really is everywhere. The problem with it though is that we pin all of these gorgeous, delicious ideas and never execute them! I’ve decided to put an end to that! At least once a week (hopefully on Tuesdays to share my results on Wednesday for the OHP linkup) I’m going to attempt something I’ve pinned. It could be anything, an outfit, a dinner, a workout, just do it already! I have 753 pins, so it may take a while…But I really want to put these to good use!
So, to start off my Pinterest to real life series, I made this pin:
First thing first, I adore Smitten Kitchen. It is one of the first food blogs I started reading and every single recipe that I’ve made from her blog has been absolutely amazing. When I saw that these macaroons were from her blog, I had to try them. Plus, I have an insane amount of fruit (strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, peaches) in my house right now that were perfect for these!
SONY DSC My cookie batter was a little more wet that it should have been which lead them to bake with little puddles around them. I was being impatient and didn’t let the raspberries dry as much as I should have before adding them to the coconut mixture. Also, I only own a tiny food processor, a mini chopper really, and had to blend in batches. I stirred the raspberries in instead of chopping them in with the food processor which I’m sure made a bit of a difference.
You can see the puddles I was talking about here. I don’t think that it made a difference with the flavor or texture, but they took a bit longer to bake and that puddle part was a bit chewy, but the rest of the cookie had a great texture!
Ok, so on with the recipe. I cut mine in half from what the original from Smitten Kitchen had, but I didn’t make any changes aside from that.
Raspberry Coconut Macaroons
(Originally from Smitten Kitchen)
Printable Recipe

200 grams sweetened, flaked coconut
65 grams granulated sugar
45 grams egg whites
pinch of kosher salt
1/4 teaspoon almond extract
85 grams fresh raspberries – remember to dry them very well.. That was my downfall in this recipe.

  • In a food processor finely mill the flaked coconut. In my mini processor it took 2-3 minutes to get it in tiny enough pieces
  • Add in sugar and process for about a minute
  • Add in egg whites, salt and almond extract, process again for about a minute.
  • Transfer mixture to a bowl and gently stir in the raspberries.
  • Scoop into 1 inch balls onto a lined cookie sheet, I used a silicone mat.
  • Bake at 325 until the tops are nicely toasted, it took about 45 minutes for my wet batter to get there – but the original recipe says 20-30 minutes.
Let cool and enjoy…

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