Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I don't talk politics on this little blog. I try with all my might to avoid it! But today, no matter who you believe to be the best choice for our country, please get out there and have your voice be heard. Every single vote matters and we need to decide the right option as a country, not by an impassioned few.

Source: google.com via Danielle on Pinterest

I'm heading to my polling place right now and I'm seriously hoping for an "I voted!" sticker. Plus, there are some perks to voting. Check out the list of perks compiled by Spoofee. Who doesn't want a free coffee, 20% off at Macy's, or a free scoop of ice cream from Ben and Jerry's...Seriously, reason enough ;)

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You are so right. It is our duty as Americans to get out there and vote.