Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Oh, pinterest.

Yay for Pinterest Wednesdays throughout the holiday season. These are the best.

I plan on living a lot this holiday season. With bright red lips and nails!

One of my favorite things to do throughout the Christmas season is to spread random acts of kindness. In my family we all call it "passing the cheer"

These puppies! Oh my.

Such a cute centerpiece idea.

Seriously can't wait to do this with every fridge I come into contact with!!


Perfect for a Christmas cake!!

So cute.

I'll take this please.

Loving new appetizer ideas!

Happy Wednesday!!


Lindsey said...

Love those dogs!! SO cute! And I will definitely be trying that peppermint icing one of these days. Maybe on top of a chocolate cupcake?

Yesi said...

Love all your pins! The snowman fridge? Hilarious! Those pups are just adorable. All of them lol! & the drink looks delicious!! Yum <3 Happy hump day and Happy Holidays hun (;


Rachel Easley said...

Stopping hy from the lnk your pins!! The dog pictute is super cute. And I love that centerpiece idea. So festive!