Monday, November 26, 2012

holiday kickoff

Thanksgiving weekend is probably my favorite weekend of the entire year. Wednesday we make pie. Thursday we eat! Friday and Saturday we shop and then Sunday we get our Christmas trees! This year it definitely didn't disappoint. We had the best time!
First, we feast! Look how big my (11 year old!!!!) niece has gotten!!

Then we shopped. We spent about 10 hours (starting at 11pm Thursday night) at the Palisades mall. We had a few too many trips to Starbucks, and a lot of laughs. I seriously love black friday shopping!!
Then we shopped some more. Saturday morning 6am at Woodbury Commons!
Then we celebrated. It was time to cut down Christmas trees! Hopefully I'll get mine up today or tomorrow and I'll have pictures to share. 

I hope your weekend was full of wonderful times with friends and family. I'm still recovering from mine! Last night it took all of my effort to stay up until 8pm! I was soo ready for bed at 6!

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Vanilla and Lime said...

All that food looks sooooooooooo good!

BTW I nominated you for a Liebster Award...