Friday, January 11, 2013

cozy emeralds

Green is most definitely my favorite color so I was thrilled when it was announced as the pantone color of 2013! That must be a good sign for the year for me. I can't wait to get dressed in this kind of outfit and apply that gorgeous lipstick and spend an evening with the cutest boy on the planet.

cozy emeralds

I'm working on convincing Sean that I need to come see him this weekend, I'd have to leave in just a few short hours so lets hope that can happen.

But let's talk about that outfit! I love the cozy sweater with skinny pants and flats as a general outfit. Then, add some great flats, sparkly earrings and you have an outfit. Sean loves me in some red lipstick with simple makeup and hair, so that was the best thing to add to this look.

Hopefully you have a great weekend! See you Monday with some goals for 2013!


Mellissa Rondinelli said...

love the outfit - chic but cozy!


Blue Dog Belle said...

Those earrings are perfection!

Holly said...

Those green earrings are gorgeous!