Monday, January 7, 2013

On the run.

This weekend I finally got the chance to go away again to see a good friend. I've really grown to really live my time with him. I'm not sure where things are going, but as of right now I'm loving every second of being high on happy with him.
Between the start of a new potential relationship, my triathlon goals and the start of a new year, I'm feeling super motivated to get my butt back in action. I've challenged the boy to keep up with my mileage. Once some of the ice melts and I can hop back on the bike, he has no shot! But, this week when the only miles I'm logging are on the treadmill, I'm hoping to hit 12 miles (lame! I know - this time last year I was easily doing 30!!!) But, I also have some pretty intense weight training goals to tackle this week.
Ready for another training journey? I am most definitely!!!!

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