Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A month in...

I just got home from a weekend away with the boyfriend. I feel bright and refreshed and ready to tackle the week. I also feel sad, lonely and I'm missing him terribly. The good thing is that all this training makes the days between visits go by a little bit faster.

Another two weeks of training are in the books! That makes it week 5 and a rest week. I'm seriously glad to be taking it a little easy this week. Still hitting the treadmill, bike, pool and yoga but I'll be going a bit slower than I have been.

So, here's what I've been up to!

Week of 2/17
Sunday: Swim 800 yards and hot yoga
Monday: Swim 1700 yards and Run 4.4 miles
Tuesday: Bike 20 miles
Wednesday: REST!
Thursday: Run 3.7 miles, Swim 1600 yards
Friday: Bike 16 miles, Hot yoga
Saturday: Run 2.5 miles, Swim 1200 yards

Phew! That was intense. Totals were mind blowing for me!
I swam for 6300 yards.
Biked 36 miles.
And ran 5.2 miles!

Week of 2/24
Sunday: Yoga
Monday: Rest!
Tuesday: Bike 17 miles
Wednesday: Swim 1 mile, Hot yoga
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Swim 1 mile, Run 3.5 miles - Side note PR for both 5k time and mile swim!!
Saturday: Rest - Visiting the most amazing boyfriend in the world.

Less intense, but still a lot.

Now that I'm in a rest week, I'll be taking it a little easier, but still have lots of training on my plate...


Milady said...


I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!


Jamie Campbell said...

Dang! Training is looking good ma! :) Glad to see you so happy (as well) hehe.